Friday, July 11, 2014


I turned 35 a few hours ago, so excuse me if I clear my throat too much. The fridge won't stop running and that's the way it is with me somehow.

Yeah, sure, I feel old. I remember being a teenager and being 24 and turning 16 and almost being 30 and yesterday. But imagine how my mom feels today. 

I keep thinking I'm going to have it all figured out tomorrow. If you play something for 35 years, you're supposed to be an expert, right? Well, I'm staying up all night looking for cheat codes. I'm plugging my headphones into my chest and this is all I hear: Noise.

There's soft music playing in three chambers of my heart. But that fourth chamber is full of fight music. The beat just dropped and everyone's losing their mind. This music controls me.

I can't fall asleep without listening to it, I can't write, I can't drive, I can't mow the lawn, do the dishes, get a cavity filled, walk through the grocery store, stand in an elevator, I can't dance. I can't go to funerals or weddings or have a conversation about anything. I can't think without listening to it. 

I must be afraid of silence. After a joke. After a poem. After a prayer.

Can I get an Amen? Hallelujah? I've earned enough courtesy laughs to open a museum. 

So turn up the music. Turn it up while you work and lose yourself in it. Because even though I'm 35, I'm still a work in progress. We all are. Until the day we stop running. 


  1. Hey 35 is nothing. Didn't you just tweet somethin about how we have all our lives ahead of us?

  2. This is nice. This is very nice.

  3. "I've earned enough courtesy laughs to open a museum."
    We're all a work in progress.

  4. I loved this whole post, but that handwritten stuff was extra good! I am missing creative writing a whole lot.

  5. Fantastic. An ode to the question of the ages: "Why haven't we figured this out yet?"

  6. I wish I was 35, yet I'm also scared. I wish I could bounce forward and look at where I'll be when I'm 35.
    I think I wouldn't mind at all being where you're at. And English teacher, wife, kids, beard.

  7. Imagine Hell being a museum of all the fake laughs you've received echoing around you 24/7 and they never stop and the whole point is to make you feel unbearably awkward just all the time.

  8. You are younger than me